KnCMiner’s Latest Creations - the Mini Neptune and the Mini Titan

In our last post we discussed the “Titan”, arguably the Best Litecoin Miner On The Market. Today Kncminer hits that market again with its “Mini” Series of products and we assess how these will impact the mining environment.

The Mini Neptune and the Mini Titan are the latest offerings from the KnCMiner (based in Stockholm, Sweden). The Mini Neptune and the Mini Titan are both based on application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips, with the Mini Neptune tailored for Bitcoin mining and the Mini Titan for Litecoin or Scrypt based mining.

While the price points are not for the weak of heart, both of the rigs utilize cutting-edge technology engineered to provide maximum performance and profitability.

When it comes to miners, efficiency is priority number one. The profitability of a powerful machine can be dramatically reduced by the cost of its energy usage, and that’s where these machines shine. They’re designed with maximized hashing speed and minimized energy consumption in mind, making them optimal miners with strong potential to keep a mining operation in the black.

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Mini Neptune

mini neptune

Earn BitcoinsKnCMiner’s Bitcoin miner, the Mini Neptune, is the smaller version of the KnC Neptune, and offers a minimum 1.5TH/s which is an advertised hashing speed of at least 1,500 Gh/sec using the 20nm ASIC chips.

It’s based on KnCMiner’s Saturn design, but the new Mini Neptune has improved upon existing models to decrease energy consumption by 30%. That all adds up, and customers upgrading from older miners will notice a dramatic difference in the efficiency of their units.

The Mini Neptune sells for $3,495, and some tests indicate that a hashrate of up to 2,250 Gh/sec can be expected. With an estimated electricity cost of around $3.60/day and a Bitcoin difficulty increment of 12.83%, it’s estimated that the machine will show consistent daily revenue into 2015. Since it’s more difficult to attain profitability with the Mini Neptune, less experienced customers may wish to opt for the Mini Titan instead.

Feature Summary:

  • 1.5TH/s Has rate
  • 20nm ASIC Chips
  • Price: $3495


Mini Titan

mini titan

litecoin minerThe Mini Titan, a smaller version of the larger KnC Titan, KnCMiner’s Litecoin miner, and provides a minimum hashing speed of 150 Mh/sec using 28nm ASIC chips. In fact, you may already own one of these chips – you can find it running in the iPhone 5s. The Mini Titan is based on KnCMiner’s successful Jupiter design, which was a well-known and popular miner in its own right.

The Mini Titan goes for $5,495 and lives up to its advertised hashrate of 150 Mh/sec. With it’s estimated energy usage around $1.80/day and a 3% Litecoin difficulty increment, you can expect the Mini Titan to pay for itself before the end of 2014 and continue to show consistent and significant profit afterwards.

Feature Summary:

  • 150Mh/s Has rate
  • 28nm ASIC Chips
  • Price: $5,495


Customers must provide their own ATX power supplies for the units, and KnC’s management has noted that limited household supplies may already have started to become a limiting factor for Bitcoin mining hardware in America. There, the available residential power supplies are not at the same level as Germany or Sweden, and may not be able to hand the power requirements of larger models on a single fuse (Important to make sure that your available power can support mining) .

The KnC Mini Neptune addresses some of the power concerns, and consumers who may not be able to run a KnC Neptune on a single fuse could run the smaller Mini Neptunes instead. If one KnC Neptune is too much for a single fuse, they equivalent performance could be split between two boxes on two, separate fuses.

Closing Summary

As Bitcoin mining becomes increasingly difficult, the power demands of boxes will likely grow. With luck, the success of these smaller models will urge the company to explore other ways to give their increasing base of power-limited customers more options in terms of mining hardware. Time will tell, but for now, these rigs do the job just fine.

Customers who wish to order the KnC Mini Neptune or the KnC Mini Titan can pay in either Bitcoins or bank transfers. Given the price of the models, it should be noted that they will not be shipped until KnCMiner has received payment in full.

The KnC Mini Titan begin’s shipping at the start of Q2/Q3 2014. While exact ship dates for the Mini Neptune are not stated on the company’s website, customers wishing to get their hands on one should get the orders in as soon as possible – the third batch (the batch for which the company is currently taking orders) will ship one month after the current batch (batch two) finishes.

Kncminer is one of the most reliable companies in the bitcoin environment so rest assured that they will deliver on there products and as in the past over deliver on performance.

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