KnCMiner Review: The Best and Top ASIC Miner (For Now)

In this KNCMiner Review we dive deep into the company and its products. KnCMiner ReviewKnCMiner is developing ground breaking Bitcoin mining equipment exclusively designed and tailored for the Bitcoin market. This miner was conceived in January 2012 as a joint venture between a Swedish chip designer (ORSoC AB) and a Swedish IT consulting firm (Kennemar & Cole AB).

The combination of their respective unique expertise has made KnCMiner the best and top ASIC Bitcoin miner for now, especially based on the products the company offers to the Bitcoin industry.

For instance, ORSoC AB Company has a proven long record of expertise with embedded electronics development, mainly focused on FPGA and ASIC designs. This can be attributed to the fact that it has been serving most global companies for more than ten years with design services that are complex, and hence this serves to confirm that KnCMiner will be the best hardware development team for the longest time possible.

Major Update, 19 March, 2014: KNCMiner jumps to Litecoins (Scrypt) with, 100MH/s Scrypt MINER!!


Why KnCMiner is the Best and Top ASIC Miner for now

There are several things that make this ASIC miner standout from the existing Bitcoin market competition. For instance, KnCMiner offers high performance mining products in combination with other services that are poised to make its products cost effective and extremely easy to mine Bitcoins in the nearest future. In fact, the foundation of this company is based on high performance mining hardware suitable for people with different levels of technical expertise as well as with different financial strengths.

This has made it possible for anyone interested in mining to get a mining hardware that’s more suitable for their objectives. There is no other miner that serves all levels of miners, from individual to business. KnCMiner’s support service is more than just incredible because it can handle whatever kind of issues or questions that you might have.

As the mining difficult increases with the release of the 50GH/s -60 GH/s ASIC device from other manufactures, KNC miner stands out. Any miners that has 200Gh/s and above ASIC device miners are in a better spot to see a great ROI in a short time.

Also unlinke other manufactures, KncMiner will be shipping on demand with no “batch shippment” production orders (like Avalon) or Long wait times like Butterfly labs. This is because they have the backing of a strong company (ORSoC).

KnCminer also provide upgrading options. This allows you to upgrade the ASIC modules to the next level. So if you purchased a Mercury device it is possible to upgrade to a Saturn or Jupiter at a later date.

Finally KnCminer now also offers hosting services. They will host your ASIC device at their facility and manage the over health of the system (Great option)

KnCMiner Review: Product line

There are numerous KnCMiner’s custom Bitcoin miners that are available at the moment, and unlike other mining companies they ship there products in a timely manner.

1. Neptune (Second Batch) Announce

KNCMiner JupiterKncminer has changed the mining environment and now they are set to take it to the next level with the release of their Neptune device. The unit is set to hash at 3TH/s or (3000TH/s) which at current bitcoin prices means you will see a positive ROI within 1 week (or two max)!! Check a Profit Calculator here). If you are getting into mining you have to go big and make HUGE profits in your first two months and this miner will do just that.

Feature Summary:

  • Minimum 3000GH/s of hashing speed that 3TH Over 5 times the speed of our first Jupiter release
  • A 30% reduction in watts per GH
  • Shipment begins in Q1/Q2 of 2014
  • Limited batch of 1200 units,
  • Existing customers only can buy at this price other batches will be released later to non-existing customers at a higher price.
  • These items will be on sale for two weeks at this price or until it has sold out whichever comes first
  • Payment for this product is bitcoins and bank transfer only.
  • All refunds will be refunded in dollars and you can refund up to shipment
  • You can order for this ASIC miner for approximately $ 9,995.00

2. Jupiter (Update March 19, 2013: Discontinued now legacy device )

KNCMiner JupiterJupiter offers 550 GH/s and runs at a maximum power consumption of 1000 W. Also, this device is expected To feature 28nm standard cell ASIC Chips, a smaller chip set that allows for more energy efficiency and mining density. It is necessary to mention that these chipset are designed specifically for all KnCMiner’s Bitcoin miners by ORSoC.

This device stands at the top of the market and KnCminer plans to continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the device.

Feature Summary:

  • Update: 650GH/s (550 GH/s) per device (previously 400 GH/s:  Awesome Job KNCMiner)
  • 28nm standard ASIC chips
  • Use a standard ATX power supply (Maximum 1000w needed).
  • Embedded Linux device to allow for standalone mining
  • You can order for this ASIC miner for approximately $4995.

3. Saturn (Update March 19, 2013: Discontinued)

KNCMiner SaturnThe Saturn device doubles the performance of the Mercury device and feature an updated 200 GH/s per sec performance,( initially it was 175 GH/s per sec). This KnCMiner’s miner costs about $3795 and runs at a maximum power supply of about 500 Watts, giving Saturn a hypothetical 2.5 GH per sec for every watt used. Just like the Mercury, this miner is being designed in conformity with ORSoC engineers.

Feature Summary:

  • 200GH/s per device
  • 28nm standard ASIC chips
  • Use a standard ATX power supply (Maximum 500w needed).
  • A modular design that allows for future expansion
  • Embedded Linux device to allow for standalone mining
  • You can order for this  miner for approximately $ 2995.

4. Mercury (Update September, 2013: Discontinued)

KNCminer MecuryThis Bitcoin miner is expected to provide the highest performance in the industry and somewhat lower power consumption per GH/s, and is being designed by the company in correspondence with ORSoC engineers. Some of the key anticipated features in this miner includes:

  • 100GH/s per device
  • 28nm standard ASIC chips
  • Use a standard ATX power supply (Maximum 250w needed).
  • A modular design that allows for future expansion
  • Embedded Linux device to allow for standalone mining
  • You can order for this miner for approximately $ 1995.

Where Can You Buy the Best ASIC Miner?

If you are serious in getting into mining Bitcoins then a KnCminer should be your choice. Any experience miner knows that it comes down to Hash rate and power consumption. This makes KNC miners the logical choice. Follow the link below to the kncminer website and get in the game now. In mining time is money.

Click here to Grab your ASIC Miner at KnCMiner website, Price Drop and Taking Orders!!

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