The War Machine by GAWMiners

There have numerous bitcoin miners that have been created by GAW miners in conjunction with Zen Miners but none of them have been called a war a machine or any other term near it.

When I first heard the name I thought it was something that looked like a war head or tank, something that bombs away mining. Indeed with a name like that many ask themselves a lot of questions on the performance and even the design of the miner.

In these review we will therefore look at the “War Machine” and define what characteristics and abilities that make it relative decent beginner mining rig. Moreover with numerous miners already in the name of GAW and Zen, we shall identify what makes it more different and unique that it’s given such proud name.

Enter the War Machine

War machine Bitcoin Miner

How do you describe a war machine other than within the apparatus that makes it a wonderful and efficient performance? The War machine which is the brain child of GAW miners is a unique entry level Scrpyt miner that provides a pace of the mind, with its stable design and function. Whether  it’s Dogecoin or Litecoin this little rig will get you in the game now.

Gawminer recently partner with ZenMiner to also offer hosted solutions. The good thing about ZenMiner is that they will provide a one month free hosting when you register. Their services include tracking of the hash rate performance of the miner, review important information about the War machine uptime and speed, the power consumption and many more information, provision of remote reboot plus troubleshooting of the miner.

They have a wonderful customer support that will help you every step of the way on answering and helping you in understanding every detail of your miner.

War Machine Description

War Machine compactThe War machine is one of the GAW miners that is perhaps the best entry level miner market today. They have a very easy configuration system than can be easily understood. Its cooling are among the things that make it efficient and it doesn’t hurt that its not a noise rig. Its quietness is an upgrade from the earlier GAW miners like the Antminer ASIC miners which inclusively had issues with quietness and performance.

Its hash rate has been set at 54MH+. Its power consumption has been set at 1800W and it comes with a 55nm chipset. The War Machine has receive overall positive reviews in the mining community, with many users recommending its high performance and ability to make profits.

The only major concern at the time was its limited production which saw so many pending orders as the GAW lacked the capacity to produce as many for the high demand. The following is a summary of the War machine specs;

War Machine Specs

  • Easy Configuration
  • A hash rate of 54MH+
  • An aluminum case material
  • Power consumption of 1800W
  • Efficient cooling
  • Quietness
  • 55nm ASIC Scrypt GAW chip

The War Machine first generation can be found at the GAW website . The vendor is currently shipping and you could have your miner shipped out asap, no waiting for weeks in order to have your miner. As always jump on your favorite pool ( COINKING, NiceHash, CleverMining and, TradeMyBit and Wafflepool) and get to work.

The War machine has a lower price of USD$749.95 compared to its GAW counterparts that go up to USD$2000. With the fair price, lower power consumption and increased performance, the War Machine stands out as one of the most efficient from GAW miners portfolio to date.

You can find more details on the War Machine at the GAWminer website!!

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