Asicminer Review: Community Focus ASIC miner

ASICminer Block Erupter Blade

As a virtual identity that is owned by the Bitfountain Company, ASICMiner has one of the biggest ASIC miners pools in the worldwide. The company’s business is not only based on the sale of self-built ASIC devices but also mining of Bitcoins. ASICMiner has issues shares to the bitcoin community to raise capital and share [...]

HashFast Baby Jet Review

Baby Jet ASIC

The Baby Jet is designed and manufactured by HashFast Technologies, a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in the production of high performance hashing ASICs chips. HashFast’s primary mission is to provide the best technology for the network verification of digital cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. This company was founded in San Francisco earlier this year by Eduardo [...]

Butterfly Labs Review: Most Known, But Delivery Comes Up Short

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This ASIC miner is being managed founder and CEO Josh Zerlan and a pool of engineering and IT professionals with many years of impeccable design experience in both software and hardware (digital and RF). Butterfly Labs has tried its best to strengthen its marketing base via social media, SEO, improved user experience and advertising. As [...]

Avalon Asic Review: Solid Chips and ASIC miner

Avalon ASIC Miner

Avalon Asic is considered as the world’s first ASIC-based manufacturer of solid chips and ASIC miners. Avalon has dedicated there business to the advancement of the Bitcoin community by designing and manufacturing lightning fast products. The company was founder by Yifu Guo and the majority of their chipsets (110nm processor node ) are manufactured by [...]

KnCMiner Review: The Best and Top ASIC Miner (For Now)


In this KNCMiner Review we dive deep into the company and its products. KnCMiner is developing ground breaking Bitcoin mining equipment exclusively designed and tailored for the Bitcoin market. This miner was conceived in January 2012 as a joint venture between a Swedish chip designer (ORSoC AB) and a Swedish IT consulting firm (Kennemar & [...]

What is an ASIC Bitcoin Mining device?

ASIC Bitcoin Chips

ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) is quickly becoming a worthwhile symbol in Bitcoin mining environment , and is designed and developed to do exactly what it sounds like. An ASIC Bitcoin device is all about Bitcoin’s mining on the Bitcoin decentralized network. These device are built with one goal in mind …mining Bitcoins. Essentially, this device [...]

Securing Your Bitcoin Wallet

Locked bitcoin

Just like conventional currencies, the Bitcoins in your wallet must be secured. To some people, this might sound like a complex task, but Bitcoin has made it possible for you to manage your money in a way that’s very easy for securing your Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin wallets come with outstanding security features that help protect your [...]

Installing Your Bitcoin Wallet


The complexity of modern operating systems is getting more and more interesting each day, but installation of Bitcoin wallet can’t be any simpler. So what is a Bitcoin Wallet? Basically, a Bitcoin wallet is an open source software that can be used by the owners to make or receive payments (in Bitcoins) for free. As [...]

What is Bitcoin? Simply The Evolution of Money

Earn Bitcoins

Over the past few years, the trajectory of Bitcoin has been nothing short of remarkable. It has remained a peer-to-peer alternative whose creator remains unknown to some people five years down the line. As much as Bitcoin sounds like something out of a fiction novel to most people who know little or even worse nothing [...]