8 Great Deals for Bitcoin Black Friday

By Daniel Cawrey

Source: MonsterMegs

Some are calling it the largest “math-based merchant event” ever. Some are calling it a “great way to spread the bitcoin payment love”.

Its real name is Bitcoin Black Friday, and it is back for its second year bigger than ever. A number of merchants are offering unique deals on goods and services, here are some of the best available for Friday. Get over to these sites and spend some bitcoin!

1. MonsterMegs

Source: MonsterMegs

Hosting service Monster Megs has been accepting bitcoin since March of this year. Now, 60% of the company’s online sales are paid for in bitcoin. Because of this, the MonsterMegs is offering deals for Black Friday on shared hosting, enterprise hosting and reseller hosting packages, with discounts of up to 75%.

2. Coinbase

Source: Coinbase

Coinbase is a hosted wallet and payment processor for bitcoin. The company’s goal is become something akin to Gmail for bitcoin, and one of its best features for customers who have US banks accounts is the ease with which they can move money from fiat to bitcoin and back again. The company is offering zero fees on buying, selling, sending and receiving bitcoins on 29th November.

3. Namecheap

Source Namecheap
Source Namecheap

A domain registrar that has been accepting bitcoin since July, with zero confirmations to ensure speedy processing, Namecheap is taking part in the Black Friday festivities for bitcoin. It is providing a 10% bonus to customers that add at least 0.1 BTC to their Namecheap funds. Not only this, they are handing out free domain coupons as well.

4. Bees Brothers

Source: Bees Brothers
Source: Bees Brothers

The Bees Brothers have been dubbed “the world’s youngest bitcoin entrepreneurs”. There are three of them, and they are barely teenagers, but they might be symbolic representatives for the future of money: Paperless, electronic and distributed. For Black Friday, you can get 20% off (on Friday and Saturday) on their honey-related products, great for the holiday season.

5. BitQuick

Source: BitQuick
Source: BitQuick

Bitcoin traders: Tired of paying incessant fees on your buy and sell orders of bitcoin? Wonder what it might be like to trade without fees? Wonder no more! BitQuick is offering customers a chance to purchase bitcoins with a 0% fee, which is the same fee it offers for selling BTC on a regular basis.

6. Reddit Gold

Source: Reddit
Source: reddit

Reddit, a popular community for bitcoin enthusiasts, is holding a few Black Friday events, including a livestream of comedians to monitor some of the absurdity that always happens in retail stores on this day. The site is also offering a deal on Reddit Gold, which is its premium membership service.

7. Shirtoshi

Source: Coin Forest
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