Florida cosmetic surgery center becomes first to accept bitcoin

By Daniel Cawrey

A Miami-based cosmetic treatments clinic has decided to accept bitcoin as payment for services.

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, which specializes in plastic or reconstructive treatments, is now allowing its patients to pay in bitcoin, which is a first.

“We are the only cosmetic medical center to officially accept bitcoin in the world as a valid form of payment,” says Carlos Yela, advertising and PR manager for the clinic.

Bitcoin as a payment method for customers was an idea brought to management by Yela, who has been put in charge of spearheading the medical centers’ online presence.

He said:

“It was a project I presented to our managing staff, as part of our web expansion strategy, we are always looking for ways to access new niches and circles, and bitcoin is an excellent opportunity for us to accomplish this.”

One of the key benefits to Vanity Medical Center accepting bitcoin is the worldwide ubiquity of the currency. Its electronic and frictionless properties give customers from all over the world an easy way to pay for the clinic’s services.

One offering that the medical center has is a ”complete recovery program”. This is for patients who come in for services, but are not local to the Miami area. It includes transport, accommodation, post treatment therapy and nutrition under the care of the clinic’s nurses and doctors.

“We think that times are changing and we can’t stay away from it, one of these changes is how people interact with each other and with their health providers, we see this as we get more patients from out of state and from other countries every day,” says Vela about the global opportunity that bitcoin presents.

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery has set up a special page for prospective customers who are interested in paying for surgical procedures with bitcoin. This allows them to sign up to receive more information. Vela says that a number of people have shown interest in a short period of time.

“The decision [to accept] bitcoin in our center is new but after only 4 days of the announcement, over 20 people have already showed interest and requested more information about this payment and our services,” he said.

“The potential is clear, bitcoin is a currency that knows no boundaries, that means for any person in Australia, or Siberia or maybe down the street, who currently use bitcoin that they will have instant access to our services without the headache of exchange fees.”

Featured Image Source: Vanity Cosmetic Surgery

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